Soul Shaman Series is a Shaman Training Course based on the Munay-ki Incan Peruvian Rites

A 7-month experiential training to awaken the light within us all, mastering the energy we carry, and harmonizing with nature and the universal truths.

Learning steps, processes and Shaman tools to be ONE with self and ONE with ALL; returning to heart, bridging the Spirit realm, and Earth plane.

Learn to be the Modern Day Mystic and Shaman in the jungle of Today.

We will learn the Archtypes of Shamanism

Learn how to use the tools of the Shaman; Drums, Rattles, Smudging, Feathers, etc.

Experience ancient meditations and journeying as well as how to facilitate them.

Begin your journey of Awakening Light into your life, gain a greater sense of balance and mastery over your own energy and how to work in harmony with planetary and universal energies.

Become a bridge between realms, and Earthkeeper and Starkeeper.

Receive the Munay-Ki Rites and be intitiated into the Lineage of Luminous ones; a hertitage that extends back to the beginning of humanity on Earth.

Have first access to all of Katie Jo’s workshops as well as access to the private Facebook Group of all other graduates.

We meet in person once a month. This is a substance free

$150 per month or


Paid in full